Should your IT support services be in-house or outsourced? It’s a burning question for many business owners, so we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 reasons why you should consider an outsourced IT provider for your businesses.

One common misconception about external IT support services is that they will most probably be too expensive, but, in reality, outsourcing your IT actually saves your business money. The costs of IT support services for business are dependent on your location, your network criteria, business size and general requirements.


What are the benefits of IT Support Services for Small Businesses?

Professional IT support services deliver far more than just a way to manage your IT programmes and environments. A managed services provider (MSP) will help maintain confidential information, assist with firewalls, staff cyber security training, backups, business continuity, compliance and GDPR. In today’s online and remote environment, businesses need help ensuring their systems are safe from computer viruses and hackers.

Outsourcing your IT support services will free up internal resources and help your business become more efficient. Ensuring effective, proficient, and relevant IT services are in place to ensure the smooth running of your business is one of the primary reasons for using a professional IT service provider.

Managed communications and effective Cloud services will help to improve your customer outreach, interactions, data management cyber security, and more. Working with a trusted, proven IT Service Provider will better your business. To prove it, here are our top 7 reasons to use professional external IT support services.

Professional IT Support

1. IT Readiness

Providing reliable network connectivity, and the most efficient technical infrastructure in order for your business to run is vital, and with a professional IT support company by your side, you’re covered. Being prepared for any change in circumstance – a large customer demanding more resource, a relocation, or refit for example – your IT service provider will be by your side.

The changes to the world of working in 2020 due to COVID-19, proved that business needed to be more agile, more reactive and be supported by professional IT partners. Has your company embraced the changed and technology solutions to suit the new world of working yet?


2. Cost savings

With an outsourced IT partner, you will get a return on your investment, as you are investing in expertise, strong vendor relationships and peace of mind.

Your IT partner will be proactive, and they’ll be there by your side to fix any niggling issues you may encounter. There are big savings to be had from investing in a monthly IT support service. When businesses work with a break-fix solution it can disrupt your budgeting with unexpected costs, and that can be far more expensive than paying for a regular service. It’s always better to know your monthly outgoings when running a business, far better pay a flat fee then take on endless unexpected costs.

There’s one other ‘hidden’ cost benefit, and that is as a professional IT support provider works with many businesses, they can sometimes pass on discounts that they can command from their supplier relationships.


3. Improved customer support provisions

Every business deals with customers and suppliers. Providing an excellent service to both ensures better relationships and more trust. In order to maintain effective communications and deliver excellent and trustworthy service, your business needs a reliable network solution and effective communications solutions, email, telephony, mobiles, office phones, and apps (Teams or Zoom, for example). And, for this you need effective connections. Your MSP can provide and manage all of these.


4. Network and Business Security

Your business data is what makes your company, and it needs to be protected. In order to do this, you need a safe and secure network that provides secure transactions for your customers. Should that data be compromised, be infected, or accidentally deleted, you’ll need to have an operational process in place. You need effective data management, backup and recovery solutions, and procedures all tested and ready to protect and recover any data that’s been infected or lost. Entrusting your IT services to an outsourced provider will ensure that you have reliable backups and effective cyber security solutions.

5. Time Management

When running a small business, many CEOs, Owner Managers or MDs end up wearing a dozen different hats. Along with running the company, attending to staff and customer needs, they tend to be held solely responsible for IT, even with an IT resource in-house. Ensuring effective IT solutions, cyber security processes and measures, along with business continuity, is simply too much to manage in-house. By enlisting the help of an outsourced professional IT support service, the worry and maintenance of your data, IT infrastructure, and network will be removed, and you’ll have far more time to focus on your business future plans and customer growth.

6. Knowledge is Power

IT support service companies don’t just provide you with an IT solution when there is something wrong, an MSP will ensure your business is always being optimised and improved. They’ll manage patching and upgrades, training, and network or Cloud improvements, maintaining the integrity of your solutions and ensuring your data is safe.


7. Business Growth and Development

To protect the longevity of your business, you need to ensure that it can function effectively, is future-proofed and, that your teams are providing excellent customer support and satisfaction. In 2022 and beyond, the most effective way to achieve this is to ensure your data, infrastructure and solutions are managed and maintained by a trusted partner. With SPC IT by your side, we can help you achieve your business goals.

Moving forward

To safeguard your business and prepare to face all that the next decade may bring, you need to assess your current IT situation, and potentially make improvements and build stronger, better protected data management systems. For this, you’ll need a trusted IT partner by your side.

Feel free to reach out to the team at SPC IT, we are key IT partners for many businesses as we lead the way for IT support services for companies in Dorset and Hampshire.

With our support, your business can go from strength to strength.