Are you a business looking to ensure effective work practices while delivering cost savings and productivity? Yes? Then you really need to consider outsourcing the management of your business IT infrastructure to a professional third party.

Let us explain the benefits and savings….

Businesses today need:

– IT solutions that improve and facilitate their processes and their needs,


– IT platforms, services, and apps that are cost-effective, time-saving, and efficient.

With well-performing IT solutions and services in place that deliver better performance and productivity, it’s much easier for SMEs to ensure resources and costs are well managed. One of the most important resources of every business is its IT infrastructure. An effectively designed, managed, and maintained IT infrastructure guarantees that business processes, productivity and people are more dynamic, more supported, and more efficient.


How does improving my business IT infrastructure help my business?

Your business needs the tools to help it be proactive, secure, and successful. If your IT solutions aren’t scalable, agile, or flexible, how can your business be? Your IT infrastructure can drive your business forward or hold it back, and in this remote and fast paced world, you need your business and your IT infrastructure to be at the top of their game!


The cost effectiveness of infrastructure management solutions

Let’s consider the two main options available – in-house technical support, and external technical resources.

– An internal IT Infrastructure resource

Your internal resource will be part of the team, indoctrinated into your business culture. They’ll know everyone, and be aware of your business goals, purpose, and technical needs. Each of these team members will also need regular training on new solutions, to attend industry events to learn more about the up-and-coming threats and solutions. They’ll need to conduct regular reviews in line with their role, provide training and testing for all new apps and solutions, and they’ll have to ensure your teams are able to spot phishing scams or other cyber-criminal activity. Alongside that, you’ll need to provide a competitive salary, pension contributions, holiday, and sick pay.

– An external IT Infrastructure resource

An external resource can also deliver the benefits of an internal resource, as MSPs offer in-house solutions if needed. Your outsourced techie will be part of the team, and much like any internal resource, indoctrinated into your business culture. They’ll know everyone and be aware of your business goals and purpose. But this resource won’t require regular training on any new solutions on your watch, nor will they need the training or fringe benefits that your internal resources do. Your techie will come with the cover, regular training and employment benefits provided by your MSP.

As a business owner you need to ensure you’re investing in the most economical solutions, and the truth of the matter is that paying for an internal resource to manage your IT infrastructure doesn’t make the most financial sense.

If your business doesn’t invest in a team of techies, you will find yourself without support over bank and general holidays, during sickness and when training is required. You’ll also find that your technical resource spends much of their time working on break-fix solutions, meaning that they simply don’t have time to improve support services and procedures.

Without adequate general management and maintenance, any downtime, hardware failures or software and app updates will all take time away from an in-house resource. Without enough resource to develop your business IT infrastructure, your business may even fall behind its competitors. You can learn more about outsourcing your IT in our recent article.

Your IT infrastructure really is the backbone that supports your entire business. Ensure it’s got the most effective support solution.

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