As well all know far too well, technology is moving at a rapid pace; this is a challenge faced by businesses of all sizes. To combat this, outsourcing your IT can be the ideal solution; an outsourced IT team has a hive mind that can keep its finger on the pulse of technology far more easily than a smaller in-house team. More importantly though, outsourcing your IT can open your business up to productivity and budget gains. Here’s why.


Productivity gains 

There are all sorts of inefficient and time-consuming uses of your IT resources. These are typically everyday tasks. So, when these IT tasks are given to an outsourced IT company, you have the bandwidth to reconfigure your IT, use your IT team’s time more productively and take on bigger tasks. For example, your team might want to provide a fully managed backup solution, the ultimate source of security in the event of a cyber-attack or another disaster scenario.

Another boost to your team’s productivity can come when you devote more time to your strategic planning; when your IT team is freer, they can take a step away from the repetitive day-to-day tasks and figure out bigger picture ways that your business can gain efficiency through technology. But those are just two examples. Ultimately, your team can use their newfound bandwidth on anything they need.


Optimising your budget

Outsourced IT is more flexible than in-house IT. This means you only pay for the IT you need, meaning that outsourcing additional IT help poses minimal risk to your business. Outsourced IT also means you can be selective about which elements of your IT are funded; essential projects can be given more attention when you have the flexibility to focus your IT resources as needed. Let’s also remember just how expensive an in-house IT department is, since they need regular investment and training. On top of that, their time is all too often spent on routine tasks with little ROI. Outsourced IT can take the pressure off your in-house team, freeing them up to focus on more important and worthwhile tasks.

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