Pre-2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic, managed service providers (MSPs) were ensuring clients had remote working provisions in place for only those businesses with employees working away from the office. But, as we know, that’s all changed. Now, every company relies even more heavily on tech and professional IT support to ensure an effective technical workflow, and that all office services are delivered, maintained, and managed. Since the pandemic hit us in the early months of 2020, remote and tech services have become absolutely essential.

When the world was told that we had to be isolated from each other, millions of companies had to send their employees to work-from-home. At this time, most businesses had absolutely no previous experience of remote working practices, nor did they have the infrastructure in place to effectively implement it. Remote solutions were needed, and fast, and business workflows needed a lot of work. Luckily, remote support services and tech support companies had experience of implementing home working solutions and stepped in to help with the upheaval and keep companies and their employees, effective and efficient from their own kitchens.


What Did Covid-19 Mean For Companies?

Numerous industries were forced to work from home, and legal and financial firms were no exception. The legal industry has, like most traditional office-based businesses, functioned solely as an in-house operation, – from either a single or multiple locations – set up as a place of work. However, following the government regulations enforced to slow the spread of Covid-19, all businesses had to adapt quickly to a remote workflow for the safety and security of employees and clients. Streamlining processes and workflows was key, as was implementing an easy communication solution for employees, clients, and suppliers. Staying close as a team suddenly become incredibly important.

Surprisingly enough, despite the initial concerns of employees ‘slacking off’, the pressures of home-schooling impacting productivity, and the constant video meetings conducted from a kitchen table, we learnt that many of us working from home were excelling. Employee productivity increased, performance levels rose, and businesses saw greater profits! The reason? Tech, the Cloud, and the expertise of many IT companies – like ourselves – and suppliers. We were called into action – a bit like an army of Super Heroes – in order to get, literally hundreds of clients, up and running from their kitchens, lounges, garden sheds and back bedrooms.

Previously, if a company ran into a technical issue their IT support member or their IT company was called, and the issue would be dealt with, with an engineer traveling and doing the fixes on-site. In 2020 remote working and social distancing protocols prohibited in-person visits, but lucky we (SPC IT, and other managed service providers), were already geared up to offer professional IT support remotely! We put our superhero pants over our tights (figuratively speaking), and we attended, remotely, from our own kitchens and bedrooms, helping our clients and their employees with their own remote needs.

Professional IT Support

What Difference Can Remote Support Services Make to Your Business?

Technical support and IT support specialists are able to provide on-demand assistance just as easily and effectively remotely as they can in person – in fact more so! For starters, the call out charges are much lower without the commute to each location, and the social distancing rules are easily adhered to when your IT tech can simply ‘dial-in’ to your computer remotely, to sort out any problems.

As mentioned, IT support companies delivering remote support services can resolve IT issues faster reducing response times; remote support services deliver benefits all round for MSPs and for customers and client alike. The pandemic restrictions have changed the landscape of IT support services completely, and it’s for the better. Remote working solutions are continuously improving, and businesses are thriving with the support of their IT partners – the world of work has changed forever.


Want to know more?

To ensure your business thrives in the new world of working, you need to trust that your IT partner is providing the services, solutions and support that will improve and ensure the growth of your company. They need to be delivering excellent customer service, state-of-the-art cyber security solutions, management of easily accessible Cloud data services, and the provision of effective communications. If you don’t feel that your IT and Tech is in safe hands, we can help.

Feel free to reach out to the team at SPC IT, we are key IT partners for many businesses as we lead the way for IT support services for companies in Dorset and Hampshire.

With our support, your business can go from strength to strength.