Almost all businesses rely heavily on IT and technology for their core processes, everything from data storage and communications, to training and security. With the huge increase in remote working solutions, and the need to ensure your teams can work effectively, and safely from home, can your business really afford not to invest in professional IT support?

We know that many small companies are unable to fund their own IT department. However, without dedicated resources, businesses are highly vulnerable to commercially impacting issues including crippling downtime, unreliable connections, and malevolent attacks.


What are the benefits of working with a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

Working with a professional outsourced IT partner delivers many benefits, specifically efficiency, peace of mind, and security. Here are 5 compelling reasons why your business would be better serviced with an MSP by your side.


1. Bespoke IT solutions designed for your company

MSPs work with business like yours every day; they understand the pains, the gains, the solutions, and the tech, along with the budget constraints and the issues you face. Working closely with other business like yours, usually for many years, they’ve plenty of knowledge they can impart, that your systems and staff will benefit from.

Following a thorough audit, your chosen MSP will benchmark your current situation, map out your future goals and plan, design and acquire your tech, tools and services (imparting various discounts they can command, on to you). Your IT solutions and cyber security measures will be as unique as your company.


2. Maximise your profit and save money

With a full-time in-house IT team, overheads are high, whereas with an outsourced IT partner, costs are generally greatly reduced. Rather than paying 2-3 full time salaries, you’ll be paying a single monthly IT Support fee. There’ll be no additional costs for pensions, holidays, bonuses, or sick leave, just proactive, professional support, as needed.


3. Round the clock support that’s cost effective

With an outsourced IT provider, you can choose the level of support you need, 9-5 / 5, or 9-6 / 7, or 24 / 365. You can even request additional support in advance for peak times, events, key projects, or new staff intakes. Your MSP can also be there to plan and support with an office-move, updated cabling, a new VoIP system, or cyber security training for your staff.


support team

4. Management of your Data & Data Access

With managed cloud services, your data management is highly configurable; your many files and documentation can be transformed into an effective library of data, with highly specific access controls. You could even have tiered and bespoke gateway systems that deliver various access privileges to each employee based on their role, seniority, specific group, or department. The data access and management possibilities are almost limitless.


5. Sustaining business continuity

Businesses rely heavily on their communications, particularly their emails. Business email is imperative to all companies, and should your company suffer an outage, or cyber-attack, it will more often than not, be impacted considerably. With email down, the internet inaccessible, and the ability to communicate compromised, having a trusted professional partner to get you back up and running swiftly will be worth its weight in gold.


So why is IT Support Essential to Business?

Your chosen MSP will provide dedicated IT support specific to your business needs, they’ll train your staff to spot phishing attacks, and monitor your systems, solutions, and cloud services. By providing the support your need, when you need it, and how you need it – with resource on-site, remote or both, their IT experts will help your business be more secure, more effective, and more efficient.


Is your in-house IT provision really delivering the service you need?

Talk to us about a free, no obligation, IT Audit, where we’ll provide you with a top-level analysis of your IT infrastructure, at no cost to your business.